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Film and TV production companies have unique, industry specific needs when it comes to on-location security.  Feature Security's management team, with more than 25 years of film production experience, understands what location managers and producers want from their security company.  


The ever changing needs of daily production are also taken into consideration, which is why Feature Security prides itself on remaining fluid in order to accommodate daily schedules. In addition, we understand the specifics of production accounting and work with accountants to provide guard breakdowns and customized invoicing to fit the specific needs of the studio or production company.



  • All of our guards are registered with the State of California as required by

         the State's Security Guard Act.

  • Guards are least 18 years of age and must must conduct him or herself in

         an appropriate manner while on duty.

  • Respect, politeness and professional attitude are mandatory.

  • Guards must show proficiency in writing articulate reports and must also

         communicate well orally.

  • Guards must also provide professional and personal references that can be called.

  • Guards must be reachable at all times not only on two way radios (when necessary)

         but via cell phone.

  • Uniforms or plain clothes must be pressed, clean and size appropriate.

         No baggy clothing is acceptable.

  • Black shoes must be kept shined and free of dirt.

  • Any color other than black for socks is unacceptable.

  • Belts must also be black with a plain belt buckle. No identifiable logos, service

         marks or artwork is allowed.

  • Guards must be well groomed at all times.

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