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  • How does Feature Enterprises respect my privacy?
    Feature Enterprises adheres to all industry guildlines and regulations for protection of private information. Information supplied to us is never shared with third parties and is only used to service your job or account by the appropriate individuals who must sign a non-disclosure agreement with us.
  • What can I expect from a Feature Enterprises security officer?
    You may expect the utmost in courtesy, respect and diligence. Our guards will be on time, in uniform, well groomed and thoroughy briefed on theire duties.
  • What is the benefit of a security officer?
    Prevention is ideal in security. Thus, visible security personnel is the best form of deterrent. Individuals wishing to steal or damage private property will think twice especially if there is more than one security officer on the premises.
  • What geographic areas does Feature Enterprises cover?
    We cover Southern California from Ventura County to Orange County and from Los Angeles to San Bernardino County.
  • How extensive is your hiring process?
    Feature Enterprises requires its security officers to undergo full background checks and a thorough assimilation program before they are sent out into the field.
  • How does Feature Enterprises plan and execute a security assignment?
    We partner with our customers to create a custom tailored program specifically for you. Once approved, we review the plan on a regular basis to ensure quality control and complete satisfaction.
  • How do Feature Enterprisess' prices compare with other security companies?
    We pride ourselves on having very competitive rates and will do our best to work within your budget to accommodate your needs.
  • What if my company cannot afford a full time security officer?
    No problem, Feature Enterprises provides both short term and long term agreements.
  • What basic gear is required of all officers?
    We require all of our security officers to carry a flashlight, two-way radio and/or cell phone, pen, and log book.
  • What time of day can I expect my property to be guarded?
    Our security officers are available 24/7. Whenever and wherever you need them, we'll make sure they're there.
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